The Canadian Truck King Challenge 2015 has been announced! 

This year, with a twist… Vans!

This eighth commencement of the challenge is going to feature an all-new segment for testing – multipurpose Vans. Late availability of many 2015 half-ton and mid-size trucks means that segment will have to wait till next year for testing.  However with the unprecedented  number of new models in the commercial van market we decided to test them instead.

This testing will consist of driving scenarios that these vehicles would typically encounter in their day-to-day operation. Things like:

* Making deliveries

* Tight space maneuvering in urban “Down-town” areas

* Underground height clearances

* Dock style loading/unloading

* Typical city congestion and Real World fuel economy numbers.


Returning for another run at the Crown – Heavy Duty trucks!

We will also be running the HD segment of the test again in  London, ON. Thanks to our partners at IKO and Can-Am Trailer Centre. Let’s see who can come out on top in the one-ton class for 2015!

This test will consist of:

* Payload testing (With IKO shingles)

* Towing tests (With max weight trailers from Can-AM)

* Real world fuel economy numbers


Official Challenge dates to be set in the coming weeks.

Official list of competitors and Vehicle models to be released closer to the challenge dates.