The 2018 Results are in! Truck King Crowns a Winner!


Testing is complete and for 2018 the top score goes to the Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD.

Ten entries, three classes and four long months of testing have given us a winner for 2018. Presented as an on-going Youtube video series the coverage of all this year’s trucks is available at Truck King TV. 
The category winners for 2018 are…
  • Midsize – Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 with a score of             75.9%
  • Half-Ton – Ford F-150 with a score of                                    75.6%
  • 3/4-Ton – Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD with a score of     80.7%
Congratulations to all the winners – and thank you to all the manufacturers for participating.
Stay tuned for a complete fuel economy test to be released in the coming months.


The Canadian Truck King Challenge was established in 2006 as an annual new pickup truck evaluation that would create real-world fuel consumption data, testing stories and compelling video coverage for the benefit of every Canadian truck owner/buyer. Creator, Howard J Elmer, a 30-year automotive journalist, runs this third-party non-partisan testing series that manufacturers attend voluntarily and without expectations. Now completing its 11th year – Truck King – has become a trusted source of consumer information.

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