Dates are set for The Canadian Truck King Challenge!

The seventh edition of the Challenge will begin testing on Monday Sept. 30th and conclude Saturday Oct 5th. The 2014 model year promises a bumper crop of new models and technologies so we have set aside a full week to drive, tow, load and rut through the mud with these new trucks.

We expect to have a dozen half-tons for testing at IronWood (broken out into under $40 K and over $40 K categories) and the Big Three HD pickups. Having done the 3500 series dullies last year we have opted for the popular ¾ -ton trucks (single wheel) this year.

A new wrinkle for 2014 is engine choice will be left up to the manufacturers. This reflects an ever increasing number of engine choices and technologies in the market place. So, we very well might have a small V8 going up against a turbo V6 and diesel engines competing head to head with gas. A sliding scale (the same one used by AJAC) smoothes out the MSRP price spikes – but past that, let’s see who wins.

What’s also interesting seven years into this event is the depth of penetration we have achieved in Canada. As truck guys, testing and writing for truck buyers I always expected to be received as genuine – but even I’m surprised at how far the message has spread.

Type “truck king” into Google and checkout the 248,000 results that pop up. Of these the Canadian Truck King Challenge is number one, as you might imagine, but it is also the bulk (2/3) of the results in the first ten pages.

Current stories, old stories, videos and dozens and dozens of attributions and reprints by truck dealers, fan sites, manufacturers and other publications hold out the Canadian Truck King Challenge as an unimpeachable source of real world pickup truck testing. After seven years I’m proud my little event has grown to be a trusted impartial source of information for truck buyers everywhere.

I’d like to relate just two antidotes that stick in my mind as a pleasant validation of what the Challenge has accomplished.

After the 2012 results were announced I received a phone call from a purchasing agent for the province of Alberta. He had seen our results for the five half-tons that year and having to order several hundred new trucks for the province he wanted to bend my ear as to his choices. Amazing.

However, the next conversation is the one that really matters. Recently I spent 20 minutes on the phone with a farmer from Ste. Rose, Manitoba, who quizzed me intensely on the fuel habits of the three HD trucks we tested last fall. He was buying just one truck, but the importance of that decision was not lost on me – he wanted the best tool for the money and I offered him the knowledge we gained by real world testing. Before he hung up, he thanked me and said “it’s good somebody is doing this.” Indeed.

Sincerely: Howard J Elmer