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Canadian Truck King Challenge 2014

Dates are set for The Canadian Truck King Challenge! The seventh edition of the Challenge will begin testing on Monday Sept. 30th and conclude Saturday Oct 5th. The 2014 model year promises a bumper crop of new models and technologies so we have set aside a full week to drive, tow, load and rut through the mud with these new trucks. We expect to have a dozen half-tons for testing at IronWood (broken out into under $40 K and over $40 K categories) and the Big Three HD pickups. Having done the 3500 series dullies last year we have...

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What Is The Canadian Truck King Challenge?

Most pickup truck evaluations take place in diners over cups of coffee. Owners trade stories about their trucks with one another – and are always quick to offer advice to the guy in the market for a new pickup. These tales cover the good and bad features of their trucks – stories that are undoubtedly coloured by their experiences and loyalties. But, they are real-world experiences and as such are considered carefully by those on the receiving end. Frankly, where else can they to go for unbiased advice on a new purchase? Testing by most automotive publications lacks the...

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Canadian Truck King TV

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