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The Canadian Truck King Challenge 2015 Announcement!

The Canadian Truck King Challenge 2015 has been announced!  This year, with a twist… Vans! This eighth commencement of the challenge is going to feature an all-new segment for testing – multipurpose Vans. Late availability of many 2015 half-ton and mid-size trucks means that segment will have to wait till next year for testing.  However with the unprecedented  number of new models in the commercial van market we decided to test them instead. This testing will consist of driving scenarios that these vehicles would typically encounter in their day-to-day operation. Things like: * Making deliveries * Tight space maneuvering...

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Tundra Tackles Labrador

How do you really Test a truck? You test it in the real world on roads that Canadians use every day to live, work, and even play. Our very own Howard Elmer set out on this trek across the frozen lands of Labrador to do just that – test these trucks in real world conditions. Putting the 2014 Toyota Tundra to the test on the lesser known frontier roads of the the Canadian north. The Trans-Labrador highway stretches 549km across terrain which shares a namesake with Toyota’s full size pick-up and will provide snow, mud, gravel and just about...

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Truck King social media – Check us out!

We’ve been working tirelessly to expand our news network. This includes all formats of information (text, photos, and videos) and we can be found on most of the popular social sites. Check out our links below for the latest on all things TRUCK! Facebook – YouTube – More to come in the near...

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2014 Canadian International Auto Show

The Truck King crew had lots to check out at this years Canadian International Auto Show (CIAS). There are three all new models for 2015 which debuted in Toronto. These include: – 2015 Ford F-150 – 2015 Chevrolet Colorado – 2015 GMC Canyon The F-150 is all new for 2015 and is being built with an aluminum body which shaves 700 pounds off the total weight of the truck. The Aluminum cab and bed are going to help prevent corrosion as well. The new truck has lots of cool features which include 360 degree camera system, tailgate dampening, and...

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2014 Detroit Auto Show Kicks off the Year

If any of you have searched my work you’ll know that spend the year testing and writing about trucks.  With the refresh of my Canadian Truck King Challenge Website I’ve decided to start uploading stories throughout the year.   Apart from the the fact that I am doing this work anyway it seems a natural next step.  What starts now, in January, in Detroit is what should end up being tested at Head Lake, ON this fall.  With more background, evaluation and analysis throughout the year the final results of the Challenge should be even more interesting.  This is...

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