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The 2017 Canadian Truck King Challenge Crowns a Winner

Eleven contenders, in four classes, were tested during this year’s challenge. Some were all new – others updated, while several were representative of the “most popular half-tons” sold in Canada.  A group of seven judges worked through the field of  trucks creating a mass of data in 20 key categories. Each of these judges, from across the country, is a member of the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada and collectively they bring over 200 years of trucking experience to this intensive pickup truck testing that takes place each fall in Northern Ontario.  Over three long days they drove almost 4,000 km while evaluating...

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Truck King Crew – Snap Shots

  Matt never had a chance. Born to a father who was truck and powersports obsessed he started his driving career in a battery- powered plastic pickup at just two years old. He soon decided it didn’t go fast enough and spent most of his time climbing onto the real ATV’s and snowmobiles I was testing and writing about at the that time. He’d hammer the throttle and make the engine sounds while hanging out into the pretend curves.  Frankly it was good practice. By the time he was 10 I put him to work as my (affectionately called) “photo...

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2017 Honda Ridgeline Review

  The 2017 Honda Ridgeline is the second generation of a truck that debuted ten years ago to mixed reviews. The original Ridgeline was quirky, in its look and some of its design features. It polarized its market into lovers and haters – however it has to be called a success when you consider that Honda sold everyone they built and didn’t feel the need to update the original – till now. Down here in Texas we stood around a truck that has maintained its “Hondaness” while changing up some of the more peculiar design features that set the original apart. Gone is the behind the cab stabilizing triangle, and the cab and box are now divided unlike the first slab-sided one. The wheelbase is also three-inches longer allowing for a deeper cargo box (an added 5-inches) and suspension is upgraded, front and back. Interestingly, despite the truck growing its curb weight is actually lower than that of the original – thanks to more aluminum and high-strength steel. Retained are the in bed trunk and twin action tailgate the folds and swings. These items were wildly popular with the original and now, if anything, are even further emphasised in the product literature. They were unique in 2007 and continue to be today. But what is really key to the Ridgelines appeal is the fact that it is the only pickup on the market that truly rides like a car. I thought about this ride characteristic as...

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2016 Nissan Titan XD Review – Video

The first drive of the Titan took place in Arizona last fall, where Nissan has a testing facility. While it was great to finally drive the Cummins-powered truck; it was in the desert – not an environment that Canadians deal with regularly.  We were much happier when we got it back home to Canada this spring and tested it in the real-world conditions we live with everyday.  Check out our new CTKC video review to see how the Titan copes in Canada.  The new Nissan Titan XD is a very North American pickup truck; yet it falls outside the familiar Big Three...

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2016 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro Review – Video

Starting this year the Toyota Tundra TRD Pro is available in Canada – that’s a first; and a corporate move that seems just a bit out of place at first glance.  I say out of place because the tan colouring of my test truck is meant to complement the dry, dusty deserts of Baja and California – the natural environment of this off-road runner, not the frozen winter landscape of Ontario.  However after just a few days of local escarpment ridge running the truck feels just as much at home here as I’m sure it does on the desert...

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