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2018 Ford F-150 Arrives Packing a Diesel

Ford has revealed the 2018 F-150 a day before the start of the 2017 Detroit Auto Show and a 3.0-liter diesel under the hood is the big news with this refresh.  Power output hasn’t been revealed yet for the new diesel, but we can assume that Ford will try to outgun the Ram 1500’s 420 lb-ft of torque. Similarly, pricing and packaging options for the diesel are still unknown, although Ford did confirm that it will be linked to its new 10-speed automatic transmission. While the diesel is a newcomer, the rest of the F-150’s engines also receive revisions,...

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To Signal or Not to Signal, That is the Question

When I took my driving test back in the dark ages, one of the ministry’s test requirements was knowing the hand gestures for signalling right and left turns. I remember thinking how dumb that was, sticking my arm out the window – geez I wasn’t driving a model T for heaven sakes – this was the 70’s already; every car I knew of had electric signals and I’ve been using them ever since. Times change of course – I don’t know if they still require new drivers to know those hand signals (and I’ll admit I’ve never stuck my arm out the window to...

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CTKC 2017: The Full Rundown

If you stick with something long enough you are bound to get lucky; or so it seems. I’m referring to rain and the Canadian Truck King Challenge (CTKC). Each fall for the past nine years we did on-road testing in the Kawartha’s, in central Ontario, and each year we were rained on.  It became known as the “Truck King curse”. Now it’s year ten and the odds finally worked in our favour – sunshine and warm temperatures were a welcome change to the norm for the home-grown truck test that has now put its first decade behind it.  DON’T...

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2017 Canadian Truck King Challenge – Fuel Economy Report

If you’re looking for the best real world pickup truck fuel economy report, then look no further.  The Canadian Truck King Challenge has once again produced an in-depth look at fuel economy in today’s pickups while they are empty, while loaded with payload and while towing a trailer. Fuel economy has come to the forefront of the automotive industry and it’s an important factor to consider while purchasing a truck. Download the Full 2017 Canadian Truck King Challenge Fuel Economy Report Here All of the data is collected over two days, as our team of six judges cycles through...

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