The 2017 Canadian Truck King Challenge evaluated a field of trucks ranging from midsize to heavy duty this year, coming up with a number of data points on the entire field of trucks. 

Each of the six experienced pickup truck testers rates a number of factors about each truck to establish which is the best. The trucks are tested back-to-back on the same day, put through the same battery of tests which include towing a trailer and hauling payload.

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While the overall category winners are important, it can also be useful to go through the data and see how each truck performs in different categories.

Stay tuned for our detailed fuel economy report, coming later this week.

Official 2017 Truck Scoring:

2017 Midsize Truck Scoring

2017 Half-Ton Scoring

2017 Three-Quarter Ton Truck Scoring

2017 One-Ton Truck Scoring